Must-Bring Gadgets (and Must-Not-Bring Gadets) For Holiday!

Came across this article a.k.a. blog entry of the four gadgets to take with you on holiday and two to leave behind. Humorous. Love it. And includes a vote for one of our favorite gadgets, the wireless bluetooth speaker!

Check it out!

Four gadgets to take on holiday

These Are Certainly Eye Catching Speakers – The Spinnaker Bluetooth Desktop Speakers

Just saw this on Technology Tell website.

Wow, talk about catching someone’s eye.

We admit, one of our criteria for great speakers is how good it looks (which is why we are huge fans of the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III .. how many speakers do you know get into a museum for how attractive it looks?)

That being said, the Edifier’s Spinnaker Bluetooth 2.0 desktop speakers: Delish!

Not to mention. Bluetooth. Wireless Desktop Speakers.

And sound? Like the Harman Kardon Soundsticks, Technology Tell rate these as incredibly good.

“Now for the really good part: the sound. Edifier is fond of using good speakers and magnetic shielding to keep the sound clean. The Spinnaker is a solid hit on this front. The sound

LifeHacker’s Current List Of Five Best Speakers – Interesting Choices To Think About

Lifehacker has just posted their list of five best computer speakers. We love our list of course which you can find here. But we also like looking at other people’s lists because each reviewer has their own priorities and favorites to rate speakers on.

Number one on their list was the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speaker system ($150)

Interesting choice, as was the rest of their list. We don’t necessarily agree with how the voting turned out, but that’s the joy of difference of opinion

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Turn Your Office Into A Disney Show With These Colorful Water Desktop Speakers

Turn Your Office Into A Disney Show With These Colorful Water Desktop Speakers

Wow.. the UK. What will they think of next?

Here in So.Cal, Disneyland comes up with some amazing night shows whether fireworks, street parades, and most recently the “World Of Color” in California Adventures: a combination of music, lights, and water.

Now you can bring music, color, and water to your home office! No, not with Disney, but with these really fun speakers from a company in the UK called RED5

Seriously, not bad for 49 Euros. Sure it isn’t Disney’s Water Of Color:

But only in scale. THese are USB speakers (not headphone jack) and the quality ..well, you’re not buying them for this. We haven’t reviewed yet but it’s safe to assume it’s average quality.

BUT WOW! Look at the show!

“Each speaker spurts 4 jets of water illuminated by multi-coloured (red, blue, green, yellow) LEDs to the beat of the music. The height of water is determined by the volume and pitch of sound. Bright enough to be seen in the daylight, however it

Marmitek Bluetooth Wireless Speakers — NICE!

Wireless speakers, especially of the Bluetooth-enabled variety, are becoming more and more popular and convenient! Heck even the Bluetooth sound systems in cars are just amazing (one of our staff members just bought his first new car, a minivan, since 1996!! and he is raving about the bluetooth!)

That being said, we saw a youtube video the other day of a brand we haven’t heard of yet, Marmitek Speakers. Here’s a little promo video of theirs to plug their Marmitek Bluetooth Speakers.

Nice little video, not just to plug their speakers, but to give you a great idea of how convenient wireless speakers can be!

We’ll need to review those soon!